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Visual Resume

A visual resume is an info-graphic way of representing your skills and experience in an attractive format. It is a perfect alternative to the conventional textual resumes which often tend to be uninteresting. Visual resume allows you to make an immediate impact on the recruiter and makes you stand out from the crowd in terms of substance and style.

Indeed, the traditional textual resumes suffer from lack of distinctiveness. A recruiter has to go through hundreds of resume each day; it therefore becomes immensely difficult and time-consuming to extract relevant information out of pages of textual information. Structured information helps and so does an exciting design. This is what a visual resume strives to achieve.

A Visual CV is an online resume that includes all the facets of a traditional resume, with add-ons like video, images, and links to your accomplishments. Following are the key features of a visual resume in a shell:

路 Better visualization and focus on your best attributes.
路 Includes improved format to showcase your skills and achievements.
路 Enhances your chances of getting viewed and adds credibility to your profile.
路 Effectively catches the attention of a recruiter viewing your profile on any job portal.


Note: Delivery in 30 working days.